This 6 week programme follows the Manchester Model founded by Professor Peter Whorwell, at University Hospital of South Manchester (formerly Wythenshawe). Following a confirmed diagnosis from your GP or hospital Consultant I am happy to work with you to decrease your personal and individual symptoms from this condition.  This is a highly personalised package and we will work closely together to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, identify your triggers and to your unique symptoms.  I will teach you some cutting-edge pain control strategies to reduce any discomfort.  Throughout this unique person-centred programme and beyond it, you will be required to listen to a series of personalised CD/MP3 recordings.

One to one sessions will take place on each occasion.  Course notes and 4 personalised CDs/MP3s will be issued during the therapy sessions which you will need to listen to on a daily basis.  These will be yours to keep for the future.  Other materials provided will include worksheets and pain relief protocols.

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