Hypnobirthing helps mums to use their own natural resources, teaching them how to work with their bodies to give birth the way that nature intended.  Whether mums hope to have baby at home or in hospital, they will find the course invaluable. If we are to believe the newspapers, it has even been given the royal approval, as Kate Middleton allegedly attended hypnobirthing classes prior to the birth of Prince George and her subsequent children.

This is a unique course that also includes your partner.  We we will meet as a small group at regular intervals during your last trimester and work through the stages of pregnancy towards birth.  I will address your individual needs to obtain the best possible outcome and cover issues such as tokophobia (fear and deep-seated dread of childbirth in women who have never experienced birth), needle phobias or anxiety.  Your partner will be fully included and learn all the necessary techniques to keep you as calm and comfortable towards your journey to motherhood.

Group work will take place on each occasion.  CDs/MP3s will be provided for use during the programme and at the time of birth.  One of our bespoke sessions will be extended in order for us to work together to make your own unique audio track that you will use during your labour.  Other course material will be provided on a week by week basis.

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