My Toolbox

“Showing you how to get out of your own way”

Did you know that at birth, the only fears a newborn baby has are of falling or hearing loud noises/bangs?  EVERYTHING else is a learnt behaviour via nature or nurture.   As habits or unwanted behaviours are learnt, so too can they be stopped.

As a progressive therapist, I am trained and qualified to facilitate you reframing (changing) your unwanted behaviour and working towards a new you – the best you – the you that you were before and wish to return to. 

No two people are the same, they do not share the same experiences nor do they respond to change and support in the same way.  Below is a list of therapies that I use with my clients to support their personalised transition plan.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, fast and effective process for bringing about change in a person’s behaviour, attitude or emotion. It can be used to help manage pain, stress and anxiety-related issues in addition to helping increase confidence or overcome unwanted habits/behaviours/addictions.  Other uses are in dealing with deep-seated problems such as panic attacks, sexual dysfunction or abuse.  It is a fast treatment for breaking habits and increasing confidence and can support both children and adults alike.  It is highly effective when working with examination anxiety – for school/college/university examinations or in preparation for a driving test.  Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective treatment and does not leave you out of control or running about like a chicken!  You will be encouraged to rest whilst sitting on a comfortable chair and wearing a pair of headphones so that you can listen to me talk to you directly.  During the session you will be encouraged to relax and will remember most of what is being said to you whilst also being aware of any environmental noises in the background.  You will be in full control at all times – it will just feel like you are daydreaming.

For IBS Therapy, Menopause Management, Hypnobirthing and Weight Management, a programme of treatment (usually 5-6 sessions) is required.

Psy TaP is a psycho-sensory programme supported and approved by the College of Medicine, of which I am a member.  It is an exclusive and powerful medium, effortlessly combining Thought Field Therapy (tapping) and EMDR (eye movement desensitization & reprogramming) along with other strong neuroscience-based processes to elicit fast changes in people.  Speed is the key to Psy TaP’s success. It is a simple application of easy to remember techniques, which either totally stop, or allow you to have control over, a negative emotion or state. In 2015 I became the first therapist in the North West to qualify in this modality.

Neuro Linguisting Programming influences brain behaviour through the use of language and psychology.  It is a very potent therapy as it focuses on how we think, act, feel and process information. NLP can “recode” the way the brain responds to stimuli to help us get the desired results and to lead the life that we desire

Parts Therapy is a dynamic therapy tool, which refers to ‘parts’ of our personality and is used when a client is confused, feels inner conflict or is at sixes and sevens with themselves.  This technique can be used when the client can’t break a habit or behaviour but desperately wants to move on.  As a specialist modality it allows the qualified therapist to work at a deep level to identify the root of the problem that the client is experiencing and change it.  By identifying and working with the root cause, the issue is permanently resolved as opposed to masking over the symptoms, or having them reappear or present in another way.

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) BLAST (bi-lateral analysis and stimulations treatment) helps clients reprocess traumatic experiences, allowing them to be free to move forward with their lives. Visual, auditory and tactile stimulation on alternate sides of the body is believed to create biochemical changes in the brain that aid the processing of information.

This uses content free hypnosis – where I do not have to know what is troubling a client  – and is excellent for removing anxiety and fears.  A fast treatment that leaves the client feeling energised, confident and amazing.

All of the above therapies can be used at a private, NHS referral or corporate level.  Recent clients have been from Greater Manchester Police, The Cheshire Constabulary along with staff members from BBC at Media City Salford.